Friday, 2 December 2011

song of delight..

My throat..something was there..choking my words feelings , and  suddenly the inadvertent tears cascaded through the sultry looks which i was trying to achieve...
It used to happen sometimes ,..
whenever i felt tied with the ropes of circumstances ,i felt short of words....and words without permission just paved their way through the feelings of heart..
Was this the me inside myself , always struggling ,conjuring towards the righteousness, of the epitome of worthiness ,of the society's various grudges.?.
My essence through which i always held goodness close to heart , felt brutally smothered on the butcher's table..
Was this which  i experience ,..a graph of the so called panache of life,or was i going through  a capability test ?
I could not understand ,how truth and reality were consistently driven for a  party to canards and cover ups .
My hope still sits strong,my feelings still motivated,and my heart stout and tenacious with a vigor..which consistently tells me that no matter how low and disheartened i may feel ,but songs of delight and adulation will be sung when the tempest will calm down..


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